Yesterday consisted of 4-6 hours working on my sites, email campaigns, and setting myself up for future success. This was in addition to a few hours on Saturday morning. These things will eventually lead to sales or monetary compensation for the time, but there’s also a chance that I’ll never see a dime from my efforts. In the near future, there’s a near 100% chance that I won’t see any return.

Online business is, in most cases, an extreme case of delayed gratification. If that sounds icky, it’s because it is. Spending large chunks of your weekends and nights on something that may or may not pay off is tough. And that’s why you should do it – start the thing you’ve been wanting to do today.

Once you get over the scarcity mindset (there’s too much competition, you’re not good enough to compete, everyone is so far ahead), you begin to realize that most people quit and won’t keep going. Being good is important, but you won’t be good for a long time and that’s to be expected. As long as you keep going, you’ll begin to see others stop putting in the nights and weekends and eventually, you’ll prevail.

Think about everyone you know. How many of them would dedicate the time required to build something substantial outside of their 9 to 5? Not many, right? They have other interests – sleeping in, watching Netflix or sports all weekend long, partying, dating, wasting time on Facebook (finish reading before you log off) and other social media sites, etc.

Now take everyone you know and scale that to 320-million Americans. Chances are the same percentage of your network who would sacrifice that time to do something big isn’t far off from the percentage of 320-million. Your competition pool just got a lot smaller.

Realize: You don’t have to be an Einstein or Richard Branson to make an impact and improve your life. You can’t control your natural abilities and gifts that much, anyway. No, you only have to put in the work that others won’t, and that’s something you have 100% control of. So what are you waiting for, perfect timing? So is everyone else.


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